TV Outlook 2007 – The paradigm shift of TV consumption

delivery, marketing, business models & legal aspects of future television

Friday, 1st of December 2006, Munich – Germany

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Preliminary programme is subject to change.

Part I: Time Shifting and Recording on Set-Top Box and Network based Levels

- The impact of IPTV - are network-based PVRs the future?

- What are the best solutions on the hardware and software level?




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Site opening, Registration 08:30  
Opening Remarks 09:00 Opening Remarks
TV Outlook Introduction 09:10 [tbb\*] thebrainbehind, Germany:
Sebastian Becker – Partner
Keynotes 09:30 Pace, UK:
David Gillies – CTO
Comcast, USA:
Ty Ahmad-Taylor – Senior Director for Cross-Platform Applications

France Telecom, France:
Benjamin Schwarz – Head of Technology Development Programme

Panel Discussion 10:15 Alcatel, Belgium:
Toon Coppens – Marketing Director Consumer Applications
Chaired by William Cooper, informitv, UK

CMS Hasche Siegle, Germany:
Dr. Pietro Graf Fringuelli – Head of Media

Tiscali Deutschland, Germany:
Uwe Schnepf – Director New Media & Head of IPTV / iTV Working Group of the BVDW (German Associtation of the Digital Economy)
Intel, Germany:
Reiner Kreplin – Marketing Manager Digital Home
Coffee Break 11:00  

Part II: Place Shifting - Wherever you go

- MobileTV: bright future ahead? What are the first results and how can the standards battle be solved?

- Bypassing and conquering new territory: New ways of reaching the customers - what are the business models?

Keynotes 11:20 moreTV , Germany:
Nikolas Samios – CEO
Sling Media, UK:
Stuart Collingwood – VP of Europe
Panopoly Pictures, USA:
Dave Riggs – Panopoly Pictures CEO & Founder, and President of HollywoodMobileTV
Panel Discussion 11:50 Mobiles Fernsehen Deutschland, Germany:
Martin Liss – Director Content
Chaired by Justin Hewelt, Paymedia, UK NRK, Norway:
Gunnar Garfors – Director of Mobile Services
MobiTV, USA:
Dr. Peter Mercier – Director Business Development EMEA
Roberto Kauffman-Dev, UK
Lunch Break 12:30  

Part III: Video and service usage in the connected home

- How will video and data be distributed inhouse? And which contents are going to benefit from the connected home?

- What devices and wiring is needed?

Keynotes 13:45 Accedo Broadband, Sweden:
Michael Lantz – CEO and founder
    Cisco Systems, France:
Jean-Christophe Dessange – Business Development Manager EMEA

Tromsdorff + Drüner , Germany:
Stefan Jenzowsky – Partner

Part IV: User Generated Content - A real cash cow?

- What is the business model for user generated content?

- How can brands expand their reach? And how can users be attracted to new services?

Keynotes 14:45 Sun Microsystems , Italy:
Gianluca Ferremi – Worldwide Industry Manager Broadband & Media
  zeec, Germany:
Dirk Figge – Founder
Panel Discussion 15:15 MintDigital, UK:
Will Bell – Head of Research

Chaired by Michael Werber, FiveWorks Media Development GmbH, Germany

powered by

Yahoo, Germany:
Jürgen Mayer – Head of Content Acquisition & Product Operations, Germany:
Michael Westphal – CEO
Mediamardle, UK:
John Holland – Consultant
Coffee Break 16:00  

Part V: The Future of Advertising

- What significance has the advent of regionalized and personalized advertising?

- Why is interactive advertising more effective than linear ads?

Keynotes 16:20 BSkyB, UK:
Jamie Fitzgerald – Interactive Advertising Manager

ITRI, Murdoch University, Perth, Australia:
Prof. Duane Varan – President

Kewego, France:
Olivier Heckmann – Co-Founder
Panel Discussion 17:20 British Telecom, UK:
Graham Seabrook – Broadband Venture Leader BT Group
Chaired by Scott Gronmark, Gronmark & Associates, UK
Zype, UK:
Andrew Howells – Founder
Siemens, Germany:
Lydia Aldejohann – Head of Business Innovation
TBWA\ STREAM, Germany:
Stefan Kiwit – Managing Director
End of conference 18:15 Get together
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